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Hair Colouring Styles

The art of hair colouring can modify the way you look and bring out your natural beauty. It can make a world of difference to find the best hair colouring style for your hair type. There are specific ways to colour your hair that will bring out the best in your hair types, whether straight, wavy, curly, or coily.

Straight Hair: Multicolor and basalaga create movement and structure. Highlights give an image vitality and depth.

Wavy Hair: Natural waves are balanced with soft colouring and beachy highlights, creating a relaxed, sun-kissed style. Babylights add a soft glow.

Curly Hair: The brightness provided by the designer highlights brings out every twist. An undertone creates a lovely colour movement.

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Types of Hair Color Highlights Which Always Trends!

Hair color highlights are a way to add color to dimension, brightness, and style to your hair. Whether you’re looking for a little change or a proper transformation, there are several types of color highlights that are always in trends.

Top 9 Hair Color Styles in Jaipur!

  1. Balayage: This freehand technique creates a natural, sun-kissed look. It’s like a Darker to light shade. From Root it will look dark and length will be light shade.
  2. Ombre: Featuring a gradual transition from darker roots to lighter ends, (Border length will look lighter) ombre highlights offer a striking, two-toned effect that remains popular for its boldness and versatility.
  3. Babylights: The highlights in these treatments are particularly light and delicate. They absence of any significant changes; alternatively, they slowly and naturally improve brightness.
  4. Foil Highlights: A traditional technique in which exact, bright highlights are created by putting foil around areas of hair. This approach works well to achieve a consistent and equal colour.
  5. Lowlights: The opposite of highlights, lowlights include dark hair colouring. They provide depth and nature, which is especially helpful for those wishing to tone down strong or bright colours.
  6. Face Framing Highlights: Placed carefully all over the face, these highlights draw attention to your best qualities and give you a dazzling, young glow. They work well for bringing in a little brightness without committing completely.
  7. Chunky Highlights: Bold, wide streaks that produce a striking contrast; chunky highlights were popular in the 1990s and are making a comeback. They’re perfect for a fashion statement.
  8. Reverse Balayage: In this technique, darker tones are painted onto lighter hair, adding depth and dimension while maintaining a natural look.
  9. Dip Dye: Dip dying is exactly what it sounds like you dip the ends of your hair into a hair colour to make the new colour stand out against your original hair colour. There isn’t much to no difference between the shades with this hair colouring style. You can try new colours like Headman Colour Naturals Plum Red hair dye by dip dying your hair.

These highlight styles continue to trend because they offer various ways to enhance your hair’s natural beauty and adapt to evolving fashion preferences. Whether you prefer subtle or dramatic, there’s a highlighting technique to suit every taste and style. So Book your Makeup Artist in Jaipur.

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