6 Trendy Hair Colour Ideas You Should Try

Here, we share some top 6 trendy hair color tips for women. I am sure everyone’s tastes will be very different, but this list is meant to be a guide to help you with choosing your best hair color. Let’s get started!

1.Warm Red-Brown: Warm Red-brown hair is a combination of reds, & browns. Additionally, it has amazing depth and appears to glow. This color is perfect for any woman who wants a neutral base color.


2.Toffee/Honey: It often has a base color of brown that is given alive by a variety of caramel highlights, creating a mane with swirling complexity. It is the Right amount of light brown color. Toffees, Honey colors, and mixtures of any color are commonly used to get that ‘toffee’ or ‘honey’ look. It’s good for fair & medium complexion tones.

3.Fine lines: The upcoming major hair-color trend is expected to be “fine line” highlights. For added dimension, this method uses finely woven highlights and lowlights. It can be used on darker tones as well, but blond hair is where it shines the most. If you want to achieve this, ask your hairstylist to give you the ideal combination of finely woven highlights and lowlights.

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Fine lines - Hair

4.Auburn: Auburn hair, Auburn colors can help define your natural curls, making them look much more defined and smooth. It gives a reddish-brown complexion This is an amazing hair colour that can work for all skin tones, especially for those with fair skin tone. Because it is so strong, I recommend using a good conditioner with it. 

Auburn Hair color

5.Chocolate Brown: A wonderful shade of chocolate brown hair has the reddish hue to it, with a hint of blonde. One of my favorite shades The hair does not look artificial. Its perfect choice if you have dark hair or if it just doesn’t look right without your normal base colour. 

Chocolate Brown colour

6.Mushroom Brown: If you’ve ever heard of a mushroom, chances are you know the term. A great example of this is a dark brown color with the addition of beige and a bit of green. Mushroom brown usually comes in a hue of medium to dark, as it is thicker and more solid. You can use it for a subtle look with dark or lighter hair.

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